Preparation and/or Approval of Departmental Glossaries

Various government departments, public sector undertakings, scientific organizations, banks and other agencies need glossaries of technical terminology for their offices/institutions. The Commission either prepares or approves the terminology prepared by such institutions, as per the defined procedure and standards, set by the Commission. So, these agencies can publish their own Departmental glossaries for inter and/or intra-departmental use. Such an agency may opt for the publication of their departmental glossaries; either by itself or jointly with the Commission. On the request of a particular office/institution/agency, the Commission may prepare Departmental glossaries for their usage by reserving the copyrights-cum-publication rights with itself, and may attach a price tag to it. The Commission may either endorse an agreement or a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the requesting office/institution/agency or the terms and conditions may be decided through correspondence; regarding the publication of Departmental glossary.

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